Monday, February 12, 2018

Should I Inform Suitors About my Pregnancy?

Happy weekend ma'am. The Lord will continue to strengthen you.
Please ma, I met this guy ending of last two years, he was nice and responsible so I had to date him, added to the fact that I was recovering from a broken relationship.
During the period of being with him, I asked him severally if he had a serious date but his responses were 'No'' ( because I avoid guys with serious dates, same way I avoid married men). So I was relaxed and dedicated to the relationship(though he wasn't steady).
We made out few times because I had to give in to sex in order not to lose him, but that was my biggest mistake because I am carrying his child but he has been pressuring me to abort the child (he transferred ₦10,000 to me). His reasons being that he has a girl he wants to marry soon, and he is not ready to take responsibility and don't want to have a child outside, but abortion is the least on my mind, and forcing him to marry me is never an option because he do say some hurtful and degrading words to me that is making me lose my self esteem.
The problem now is that, my ex and one other guy is asking for my hand in marriage, should I tell them about my pregnancy???
Thanks in anticipation.

I am of the opinion that you should keep relationship/marriage proposal on hold, and focus more on your pregnancy and your health care. 
No need to attract unnecessary pity from some men who may feel that you shouldn't have gotten pregnant for another man. 
Focus more on getting a job and equipping yourself financially, then prepare yourself for the arrival of your baby. 

When you have put to bed, and you are in a better mental and emotional stability, then you may consider Suitors or relationships.

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