Sunday, March 11, 2018

Should I Walk Out and Start my Life All Over Again?

Hallo Amara...I need a sober advise. 
I have been married for 20 years with three children... All through my marriage, it has not been easy, a lot of ups and downs but I have always taken them as the normal life challenges.
In 2016, my husband got involved with a college girl, this is what has made me go through hell.. I have been emotionally and physically abused. Many are the times I have been sent packing in the middle of the night.
Today, my husband have given a deaf ear to support in feeding the family... This is an agreement we had after I secured a loan with him, promising to be supportive while I will be servicing the loan.
In his circle of friends, he chest thumb on how he is giving his family the best which isn't true... I always ensure I go extra mile to suppport my kids and his three sisters. As per now he has threatened me with a divorce. 
I have been praying over my marriage but at this point I feel so drained confused, and at a cross road... Should I walk out to start my life all over again....??

At the cross road are paths to your own solution, freedom, and another opportunity to try something different from where you were before now. 
Enduring a physically and emotionally abusive marriage won't make you a virtuous woman, instead, it may one day consume your own life, because there is always a limit to what any human can tolerate for the sake of marriage. 
You have seen the sweet, bitter, painful, and toxic phases of your marriage, and you have sacrificed your all to see that your marriage stood, but it seems as though you are almost at the verge of losing your health, sanity and life. 
This is where you need to consider what is exactly more important to you and stick to it. This is where you need to remember that you are responsible for your safety and sanity, and that nobody can save you if you choose not to save yourself from harm. 

While you are at the cross road of your marital journey, please remember that you owe yourself happiness, peace of mind, and good health, and if you are not experiencing those in your marriage, then you may need to consider other alternatives for the sake of your sanity and safety.

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