Sunday, March 11, 2018

I am Sexually Attracted to my Daughter!

Right now I feel am the most confused human being on earth and the devil is trying to scatter my home.
I am a 43 years old man, happily married to my darling wife and the marriage is blessed with three kids - two boys and a girl. My daughter will be 15 this year. And here is my problem......I am feeling sexually attracted to my own daughter.
This feeling has been there for about one year now and it keeps growing by each passing day. I can't believe this is happening to me. I love my wife very well and she loves me too.
I am a devoted Christian with the fear of God in me. Just last week when my wife went to stay with the younger sister in a hospital and my daughter was at home for her midterm break, this devilish thought filled my mind that I have to tiptoe to her room while she was sleeping to peep at her. I managed to resist the temptation of touching her. And she slept naked due to the heat. But just managed.
To add more pepper to the injury, she is so fond of me. Each time I look at her, I feel this hot blood rush down my veins. I can't even explain how I feel when I touch or hug her - and lately I have been trying to avoid that. Once she is around, I will not be myself again. I feel something is wrong somewhere. I am beginning to suspect if she is possessed (or am I the one possessed here?)
Please has anyone had a similar feeling for his/her own child. How did you manage it. I have tried on my own to overcome this feeling but it's as if something greater than me is trying to control me. Someone should please talk to me. Before I "kill" myself by myself.

It is human nature to be tempted by evil, but when you decide to fall into the temptation, that is when you will kill yourself by yourself. 
Because it is evil, that is exactly why you have the amorous feeling, the type that is strange, hot and overwhelming. 
You are possessed by the destructive spirit of lust, and this is why it keeps finding its way to destroy the beautiful relationship you have with your children, and your daughter precisely. 
Here is what will happen should you proceed with this obsessive lust: 

1. You will destroy yourself and your beautiful relationship with your daughter and family.
2. You will plant the seed of hatred and animosity in the heart of your daughter.
3. You will finally realize how stupid it was to do such.
4. You will definitely be unable to make amends for such.

What should you do?

1. Since you are a Christian, I will suggest that you study 2 Samuel 13. 
The scenario may not be exactly the same, but the consequences are most likely to be the same. 

2. You need to consider seeking counseling to help you deal with the destructive obsessive lust. 

3. You need to learn to respect your daughter as a separate individual who has right to her privacy, emotion, and personality. 

4. You need to learn to checkmate your fondness with your daughter, and set boundaries between you and her. 

5. The only person who ought to share intimate moments with you is your wife and your wife alone. 

6. You need to pray and strategically flee from this obsession, because the consequence may most likely destroy everything your marriage and life represents to you. 

Finally, remember, if God detests it, then always remember that it will most likely destroy you. 
It may not be convenient, but you must, if you genuinely desire to please God and see your children fulfill their purpose in life.

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