Monday, March 12, 2018

How do I Enjoy Sex with Him?

Good day ma, happy mother's Sunday. I need your help urgently
After I was disappointed by my ex, I made up my mind to stay celibate until the right person comes. I put all my mind in it to the extent I no longer get the urge for sex.
Until late last year I met someone and I will be getting married to him this Saturday, but the issue now is that I no longer enjoy sex. Even when he touches me, I don't get wet, I just lie down there and at the end I get sores because I was not wet.
I have tried watching romantic movies, but it is still not helping me, and my fiancé is beginning to complain about it.
Please what can I do because I really want our wedding night to be memorable for both him and me?

Sex happens in the brain, and sex is enjoyed in the brain. The body is only responsible and responsive to what the brain captures. 
This explains why a child who never knew anything about sex will easily connect with the opposite sex and wish to sexually express himself/herself. 
It took considerable effort, time, and emotion for you to condition your mind to not think sex or entice your mind to sexual fantasies. 
Now that you are ready to enjoy sex again, you need to loosen your mind from the rigidity you have placed yourself. 
You need to start seeing beauty in his erection, passion in his eyes, sweetness in his lips, and pleasure in his body. 
You need to awaken the goddess in your body, and realize that being disappointed by your ex doesn't mean that everything about sex is manipulative or exploitative. 
This is more important to you than it is for your fiancĂ©, because sex is the integral part of your marriage and life, and if you don't enjoy it from the word go, you may end up struggling with it all the days of your marriage. 
Secondly, you need a man who will help you open your mind, soul, and body to the beauty of lovemaking and passionate sexual intercourse. 
You need a man who treats your body like that of a baby, and speaks to your mind like a queen. 
You need a man whose breath makes your body shiver, and whose touch makes your heart pump more blood to your vagina. 
Again, there is a need for you to rediscover your sexual rhythm with him, so that you don't struggle with sex after wedding, or stifle sexual intercourse with him. 
You need to remember that sex is a function of our perception and thoughts. If you perceive sex as sweet, it will be sweet for you, if you perceive sex as a tool, it will become a tool for you, and if you perceive sex as pleasurable, it will most definitely be pleasurable for you.
Today is the best time to open your mind, thrash all the negative perception of sex, embrace the best of your body, and focus on enjoying every touch and thrust that lovemaking brings. 
You may need to get a water-based lubricant to prevent you from having bruises after sexual intercourse. 

Sexual fulfilment enhances the beauty of your body, you cannot afford not to enjoy every single moment you share with him. 


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