Monday, March 12, 2018

Thrust Tips for Men

Many times, you don't need to ask your spouse questions like, did you enjoy sex?, Did I perform or satisfy you? The reason is simply because the body of a woman is designed to tell how you performed in the act.
If she isn't wet enough,
it may mean that your foreplay wasn't good enough, or that she's not into you or that she wasn't aroused for sexual intercourse, or in some cases she's not the one that gets wet before sexual intercourse. 
If she's into you, her kissing, her breast, her breathing rhythm, and every part of her body will definitely resonate her affection for you. 
Now, I know that the natural instinct of men is to invest his energy on thrusting and releasing as fast as possible. 
Whenever you are thrusting, your first duty is to focus on her satisfaction so that you can connect to her passion, and then control when to go fast or take things slow and steady. 
The vagina is designed in such a way that when it's stimulated, it gets elastic and tries to grab the penis as much as possible. 
This also makes the vaginal opening to get smaller and then makes it a bit more difficult to thrust. 
If you thrust and her vagina doesn't grab your penis, get elastic, and her waist doesn't move in the rhythm of your thrust, there is every probability that you are the only one having sex with yourself, or that your efforts is not making any impact on her body, or that you are not striking the right cords, or that she doesn't connect with your thrust. 
When you make love to your spouse, remember that her body will most likely give you 70% of the feedback you are craving for, while you get the remaining 30% by communicating with your spouse. 
So don't just thrust anyhow but thrust strategically, and with wisdom, so you can get the best of your effort, and probably make her sing a new song for you. 
Remember, good thrusting will always make her thrust sorry trust you more in bed. 

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