Tuesday, March 13, 2018

He's Acting Strange!

When my fiancé asked me out, I thought he was just trying to play me. At first, I wasn't ready to accept him until he started sending me some marital messages and later told me that coming close to me isn't a joke.
That he truly loves me, he want us to plan for our future together.
As humans, no one is perfect, at some point in time I erred and he always forgave me no matter what. I like keeping relationship secret, but each time I do so, he says it's either I don't love him or I ain't proud of him. But just last Sunday, I went out with a friend (female) who knows him, she was perusing my phone, then saw most of our pictures, immediately he called and his name was saved as my love, so when I picked up the call, I answered well, he started asking me who I was with but because I don't want the lady to know I decided not to tell him. I told him, I will call back later.
After that, he started acting strange, have been trying to make him understand but he isn't interested.
Before now, some girls in my Church are hovering around him, (he is a public figure). My fear is that he might start being interested in one of them. And honestly I am already in love with him very much. I don't know what to do. I seriously need help.

If he's the love of your friend, then it only means that whatever he told you (which I presume you believed) were tissues of lies and deceit designed to lure you towards having sex with him. 
Secondly, if he hasn't chosen you amongst other ladies, whether in church, or outside the church, why then are you investing so much energy and emotion in him? 
It's one thing to be in love and certainly another thing to use your conscience and discern who is genuinely in love with you. 
From his reaction and attitude, it's obvious that you are not the only love in his life, and if his actions is different from his words, then his words is of no value. 
Wake up, today is dawn. 
Good morning. 

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