Friday, May 18, 2018

I am Tired of Searching for my Wife.

Aunty m good day, wishing you the best life could offer. Aunty since my ex left me in 2013, I have not had a serious relationship. To be straight, I have followed your advice that says, "if you want church girl go for one, don't marry a club and take to church".
Aunty, since my ex left me, I have been looking for a wife.
I thought it was all about money, I have some, I have patience with a lot of girls that came my way, I have even asked one to keep the pregnancy of another man, that I will marry her with it, but I left when she went ahead with abortion.
Forget Facebook picture, I am handsome in person, some would disappear after sex, some would disappear after collecting money, some offer to be my friend for life but will refuse marriage.
Aunty, I am becoming tired searching. The latest one said she doesn't want to marry far from her place, I am from Nnewi and she's from Nsukka. If I pressure her, she would accept but I don't want to.
Please I need some help or should I continue to shop and change.

There's a stronghold withholding you from being a happy and fulfilled man, but there is something to be cheerful about; you haven't totally lost your self esteem.
This stronghold is called 'my ex', and because of the so much attachment you have given to her, you haven't been able to live, laugh, love and learn from life.
Marriage is not exactly the ultimate of every man and lady relationship, it is deep friendship, sincere connection, and an honest commitment to supporting each other.
Your handsomeness, money, sexual skills and material possessions will definitely bring a lady close to you, but the only thing that will make you enjoy the company of a lady is the uniqueness of your friendship.
At 32 years of age, it is not too late to find that special lady, and to losen your grip on your ex and for once make female friends, and love naturally as a man should love a lady.
Stop reminding yourself and by extension ladies in your life that you are ripe for marriage, and that you are looking for who to marry, let's tone things down a bit, go for dates, friendships, and let things flow.
Learn to smile, learn to laugh, joke with a lady, tease her when necessary (not insensitive comment though), connect with a lady in such a manner that when she sees you on your knees, she will shed tears of joy.
There are lovely ladies all around you, and your ex is not indispensable, so stop grabbing her everywhere you go. Her chapter in your life has ended, and it's time to flip to the next phase of your life and give yourself many reasons to be happy and fulfilled as a man.
Remember this, if you marry any lady just because you want to get married, you may wake up to realise you have a wife but not your friend or companion. Take your time, go out there, mingle, make mistakes, enjoy life, love yourself, and shoot your shot with wisdom, maturity, and understanding.
All ladies may have an attractive body, but not all ladies will connect with your soul in such a way that makes marriage effortless and blissful, and until you find that lady, please keep an open mind and trust God to guide your footsteps.


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