Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How Will a Man know if a Lady is Sexually Attracted to Him?

Hello Ma, Good afternoon. Though it may sound strange but it is true. It is true that there some guys(Brothers) who will and could keep to the Bible standard of "Marriage is bed undefiled. But the truth still remains that sex in marriage isn't something to be swept under the carpet. However, God's command MUST be kept!
Now Ma, here is my puzzle that needs your solution . In what way(s) could a Bro/guy know if the girl in question is equally sexually attracted to him? This is because if at the end of the day the lady has nothing for him..... I think there could be crisis.
Please ma, you may extend your answer to How to know when a girl loves, ready for relationship/ marriage and mostly when one is the guy she has feelings for. God bless! Thanks!!

It is great to wait for sex, and to get married before exploring the beauty of sexual intimacy.
It is not exclusively for ladies, but men can also honour their wife with virginity. 
Now, always remember that every lady is unique, amazing, and absolutely different from another lady.
Some ladies will definitely open up to you when they're attracted you. I mean, they will tell you in plain black and white that they crave for you and that they're attracted to you.
For some, they won't, but they will keep talking to you, telling you what has happened, what hasn't happened, what may never happen, and what she wish will happen. She won't tell you in black and white, but when she always crave to talk to you, it's a huge sign that she's into you.
For some, they crave for touch, hug, holding hands, cuddling, and sometimes, they just want to be around you. That again is a huge sign.
For some, they may become dramatic, sensitive, and somewhat disrespectful. This is not because they wish to, but because they are fighting their feeling for you or the attraction for you. They don't want to lose their guard or seem like they're helplessly all over you, so they resist your hands, long conversation, and sometimes your care because they are really into you.
Some will be shy to look into your eyes, blush at every compliment, and naturally smile whenever you are talking with her. You are so funny she said... but she meant I'm so into you.
So as a brother, you need to drop the brother title in your church, and be sensitive and observant as a man to know the kind of woman your partner falls into, and treat her with maturity, wisdom, understanding, and respect that she deserves.
Once you spend quality time to build a healthy friendship with a lady, her attitude will reveal her maturity, wisdom, intelligence, and her perception of your personality and her interest level.
Don't pray too much that you forget that you need to invest considerable time to build friendship with her, take her on dates (must not be cinema or restaurants), and share ideas as friends do.
When you meet your best friend, you won't find it difficult blending in the matrimonial bed, because good sex happens between good friends who love each other so much that they are willing to sacrifice their all to meet the sexual need of their spouse.

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