Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How Do I Cope with a Husband who Treats me as a Stranger in His Life?

How best can I manage a husband that believes that whatever he has is for him and his family excluding me and our kids. His brother is his next of kin(he's married with kids) while I come from no where.
We are legally married with kids. I work and have my personal account but the pressure from him and his brother is becoming unbearable on my side. It seems like we are competing more unlike couples.

Have you tried talking to him about your observations and the competition? 
His attitude suggests so many things: that he doesn't trust your fidelity and support to him in your marriage, that his family never accepted you nor do they appreciate anything that comes from you, that you are not his friend and companion but his wife.
If you have discussed this with him, and he's adamant about your observations, then God just revealed an important puzzle you must fix for yourself and your children.
That puzzle is, nothing about him or his wealth belongs to you or your children, by extension nothing about you should be a family thing.
You must work hard enough, save as much as possible, get everything in your name and in your children's name. 
Document every single property you have, and make sure that you share the family responsibilities equally between you and him. You don't need to beg or force him to make you part of his family or will or anything significant, and yes, you can run a successful family like a business. Some individuals thrive in competition, some in companionship, so whatever works best for you, please protect your interest and the interest of your children.

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