Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How Do I Leave Him with my Children?

Hi Amara good morning please I need your advice. This June will make it ten years of marriage with three girls and, presently five months pregnant.
My issue with my husband is that he doesn't respect me, uses a small oppportunity to insult me and call me names. I have endured this emotional abuse for long although he hasn't laid his hand on me, but what I go through emotionally is too much for me now to bear.
He cheats, although he denies but I know, with married women, divorcees and widows. I am tired, now we had an issue: my daughter jammed the door and it refused to open one night like that. I tried to open it, I couldn't, I left the room and went to bath, he shouted my name--asking what is happening-- I told him that I am not there he should ask his daughter. My dear, immediately he started calling me names like stupid, idiot, etc, I just told him I don't blame him, if it's other people outside, will he talk to them like that and went to bed. Next morning I was still angry he was boning, I didn't greet him. After like two days I started greeting him, he's not responding. The next day, he called me that I should stop greeting him that my greeting is not from my mind and I stopped.
He looks for every little thing to insult me, even when the kids did something wrong, he starts looking for a way to call my name into it.
This morning he called me, that I should start packing my things, that I am leaving his house Wednesday or Thursday. He started making calls, asking people to look for nanny for him. Leaving his house is not my problem, I want to leave with my kids, they are 9, 7, and 2 years of age, please advice me on how to go about this.
Meanwhile none of his family members have called me, waiting for your reply.

Since he was the one that told you to pack your things, I feel that you should sit him down and ask him his plans for your children.
Discuss the welfare of your children and let him know your position on who takes custody of your children, citing your valid reasons why you can't leave your daughters in the hands of a nanny.
At this point, there is nothing you should be intimidated by, especially when it has to do with your children and your happiness.
Remember, when you are naked, you don't need to form anymore. Ten years of marriage means that both of you have seen the rising of the sun and the falling of the same.
What matters most is the safety of your children, your happiness and peace of mind. If he says that he's no longer interested in marriage, then both of you can discuss amicable way to bid your marriage goodbye. But I have a feeling that he's using this to manipulate you or cow you to cry, beg, and massage his ego, so just play along and watch as events unfold.
Whatever happens, make your decision, and stick to what you believe is the best decision for you and your children.

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