Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How Do I Tell Her that She in my Wife?

Please madam, how are you? Hope you're okay. I have a little problem.
l am a guy who believes in righteousness and holiness, honesty and equally with the gift of dreaming.
I started my first relationship some years back around 2012, but as I was praying over that, God was not conceding to it. In fact, God was warning me seriously in my dreams to quit it. I began to ask God question why, he revealed to me three times in one night the reason, then I left. It was just six months relationship.
I began to pray again, now I asked God to bring His own choice through His normal revelation to me, and I saw a young lady which I know in my usual revelation. Then I began the process of confirming my prayers and uncountable times in my dreams, God said I should go.
Now, it is up to two years, yet I have not established a good friendship with this girl. A times we became a friends, just one month and every thing will go back to zero.
The last thing I will tell someone is that God say this or that because I want to marry her. Even now, I am still praying over that which I have set the date to end it. Is it my fault or what will I do again?
A times when she needs help, she comes to me; if I have I can lend, if I don't, I tell her. She is behaving like let's start it now, just a month every thing will become cool again.
Now we are in the lowest level of it, what will I do madam to establish my friendship with her? Even she is the one that introduced me to this page. I am not extravagantly rich but I am living in a flat and okay with myself. I need answer madam. Remain blessed.
I have prayed many prayers which God successfully answered me. I have had a lot of dreams and revelation that come to pass, but why is this one taking me a long time?
One day, I was asking God why he wants me to marry that girl, then in my dream that night I saw one couple which I know that is living in peace physically, I saw them fighting heavily in there room. One man came to me and told me that what I saw now is the originality of their marriage inside, that what I am seeing outside is a camouflage, that he doesn't want my life to be that way, then I woke up.

When God reveals his will to a man, He leads him in the pathway to to make the revelation a reality. 
Now that you are genuinely convinced that this lady is the woman God wants you to get married to, you need to intentionally and purposefully build a friendship with her. 
All the apostles that Jesus Christ recruited, He first established a friendship with them before revealing His ministry to them. 
This is time to intentionally let this lady know that you like her; take her out on a date ; be deliberately interested in her and fellowship with her. 
You need to show her how much she means to you, and how much you wish to grow with her as her best friend. 
Once you have established a friendship and a connection with her, you will then let her know your intention/interest in her, then encourage her to pray and meditate on it. 
Remember that faith comes by hearing, and until she hears your intention for her, she will never understand exactly what you desire with her. 
Don't be too spiritual when approaching her, be a human being, connect with her, and let her see those beautiful attributes of your heart through your character and care to her. 
Once you are able to intentionally connect with her, I know that God will perfect the rest if she's the one God have prepared for your journey. 
Until then, go and grow your friendship with her. The rest will naturally fall into place and you will see the manifestation of your dream. 
Good luck.

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