Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Majority of my Suitors are Ugly; Help Me!

Hey! Good morning and happy new month. How are you and your family? Please, I need to share something with you and please be candid to me and put yourself in my shoes on what you will do if you are me.
I'm 31 years old, I keep having suitors but my problem is that I don't like appearance of most of my serious suitors, not that I hate them but I don't feel physically attracted to most of the serious suitors,
reason being that I'm so much concerned with facial appearance naturally. Even with my girlfriends or people I deal with, if you are a cute person, I will like the person so much and will be willing to be close friend and even help the person. Once you are not fine, I won't hate you but I won't like to be seen nor hang out with you, let alone being my partner.
Right now, I have a pastor coming, and he's my girlfriend's senior sister's school mate in the university. He's from my LGA but he's not fine facially, but he's a nice guy. I won't lie to you nor to myself, I might accept that pastor but I will end up avoiding him to touch nor kiss me as a spouse.
It has happened to me severally in relationships, when I try to force myself to love someone that truly loves me, I will end up avoiding them from touching me nor even caring for them because I don't feel attracted to them.
I'm working and from rich background, suitors comes often, but I haven't seen what I need. Those men will love me but personally I will not appreciate how they look by appearance. I need to marry a man that I will love and be close to, not someone I will marry out of pity/pressure.
I'm just tired because my family and friends are seeing it as if I don't want to marry. Even my mom and grandmother is even telling me to close eye and accept one. But I know myself deep down inside me that I will run out from any marriage that I don't love nor appreciate the man, because my family will welcome me because they are not the type that forces you out.
I have everything, my both parents are wealthy and my siblings doing all fine, but why can't I get a nice looking clean educated guy that I will love sincerely? I am tired because my cousins and friends are thinking that I am too comfortable in my family and doesn't want to marry because my family provides everything for me, and I lack nothing except a man that I personally will love genuinely against all odds.
Physical looks is highly important to me, my dad is cute and so are my brothers. I have only dated cute guys, because I dislike ugly things. Please what do you advise? These men are graduates, talk and have something doing, just there facial appearance is what I hate with passion. Either their nose, eyes or the arrangement of their teeth will be what I will hate in them.
When I will see the guys that I will like, those ones won't have kobo neither will they be ready for marriage.
Note that my parents and siblings can single handedly can take care of my marriage expenses, and even buy me expensive cars and gift. But I don't like the men coming my way. I'm even thinking of traveling abroad to see if I can see a better good looking man. 

Good looks is like fashion, go for what appeals to your taste and don't settle for anything less. 
From your mail, I could tell that you are obsessed with cosmetic beauty/physical appearance. But I can categorically inform you for free that no human body is without some form of imperfection. Those that have fine face maybe dealing with mouth odour; some with fine skin may have bald hair, and some with bears may have small penis. 
These are the reason why it maybe risky to channel all your energy to physical looks without a considerate attention to the character, and vision of a man. 
And if you are not romantically attracted to a particular suitor, there is no need forcing yourself into dating/getting married to them because it will be both disastrous and catastrophic for you. 
Lovemaking will be emotionless, communication will be uninteresting, and your life with him will be boring. 
You need a man you can connect with in all areas, and a man that makes you feel complete, perfect and fulfilled. 
To help you meet this kind of man, consider attending dinner events, conferences, and programs where you have a higher chance of meeting with men of your dream. 
Don't wait until he approaches you when you can network your way and meet him. 
Take things with patience, and diffuse every pressure and tension in your system or around you. 
At this point, what people say shouldn't be your concern but meeting your dream man or at least someone who meets your expectations half way.
You have all the time you need to build friendships, interact, network, and explore the world to meet with the man you desire to spend the rest of your life with. 
Good luck

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