Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Faithfulness in Little Beginning!

Sometime in 2016, a coworker, during lunch break, lamented to me. She’s labored all her life with nothing to show for it. Her greatest need then was to buy her own home. Her landlord was making life difficult for her. As we talked, the Spirit of the Lord dropped a word in my heart. I turned to her and was like, “Ms. Nancy (not real name), can I ask you a very honest question? How well do you take care of another’s property? She didn’t get it initially; I explained further. “How faithful have you been with the little God has blessed you with? Are you aware there are people living in shelters? Have you taken good care of the house you live in as you would yours?

I didn’t know that touched her until this week when we met at McDonald’s and she happily told me how that word ministered to her and just seven months after she started taking care of the home she lived in, the same landlord who wouldn’t agree with her asked her to have the property on ‘lease to own’.

When I first got to the US, I was just a preschool (nursery) teacher even though I had higher educational qualifications. I was diligent in my job and everyone I worked with was thrilled. It got to the point that when state agents came for inspections, they wouldn’t bother about my room because, according to them, it was always in order. Just this March, the God that sees in secret and rewards in the open decided to favor me. While other teachers constantly went into the owners office doing eye service, I stayed in my room and gave my best. I was actually looking for something else to do when my boss called me into the office to hand the center over to me as the new director. I performed exceptionally well that she would always call to say thank you. I started earning times three of what I earned.
As if that wasn’t enough, just this past October, a better and bigger franchise called me. I started earning times five of what I earned with insurance and vacation benefits.
Who knows what next my Father has in store for me? I say ‘Yes Lord’.

Friends, be faithful in the little God placed in your hands. Work as unto the Lord. Avoid eye service. Do not be a man-pleaser. He sees it all. He will reward you in His due time. He will restore all that the enemy has stolen from you. Take care of the little home you live in, God will give you a mansion, on a platter of gold.
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