Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Aunty Amara pls I need u help and hide my identity Tnx, I wan to know hw many time 's one is to hv sex wit her hubby in a week b/c I don understand wht is going on in my home my hubby don use to ask me sex again week to week I use to b d one disturbing him 4 dat and once we do it once in d week no more agn till next week which e don use to b like that b4 we got married so I wan to know Tnx ma, am 26 him too is 26 bt I senior him wit som month.

How r u madam i kindly wanted u to post this auticle of mine and hide my identity i was dating this man some years ago and and we lived together and had even planned to come to our home in the process i got pregnant and returned hme as i was awaiting for him to come he went mute on me and never responded to my text the 3rd month i had a miscarriage gave myself hpe and moved on with life and never had guts to love again after another like one year we started communicating with his cousin who is a very nyc guy,and i like him he wants us to be together and start a lyf with each other hes working and am also working do u think the relationship can ever work or it cant please am sorry for the long story

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