Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I caught my roommate kissing my boyfriend.

Hi good morning ma..am a student of one of d university in Nigeria i was hurt by my roommate in school (she snatched my boyfriend away from me) this happened on Thursday..he came to visit me i introduced him to my roommate from there they started to discuss about school life.. 
That was in the night i slept off for me to wake up i saw them kissing each order he was fingering her vagina. 
I pretended as if i saw nothing. I woke up in morning i asked him to leave my house, they started asking me what the matter was, unlike me i refused to talk, she said she know that she did not do anything to me ...
Please good people in house to keep silent is't a good idea? :Nb this is a gal i took as my sister we share thing in common.
Dear sender,
I do not think your boyfriend love you as much as you think he does.
Maybe you need to ask him to explain what he was doing with your roommate before you finally bid him goodbye.
If what you saw wasn't a nightmare, then he does not respect you as a person nor does he have regard for your feelings


  1. It's unfortunate the situation you find yourself. Kindly Heal yourself from the Heart-breaking scene and move on.

    *Move On here does not mean you should look for another boyfriend immediately; Take a Time-out and rediscover urself.

  2. My dear move on with your life cos he doesnt worth any bit of ur worry and for your friend avoid her cos she can do more than this


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