Tuesday, May 26, 2015

He doesn't have chance, should i go and visit him?

Good morning ma, 
There is this guy that have been disturbing me for over two years now each time he calls me he will be saying I should come and visit him I shouted at him to stop telling me to come and visit him, he stopped calling. 
But recently not knowing that he is still with my number after two years he called me and was pleading I should come that he want to see me that he doesn't have a chance to come. Now I have agreed to go and see him because am now falling in love with him but I didn't let him to know that so he will not break heart. 
Please ma should I go and see him or should I still persist he should be the one to visit me.
Dear sender,
When a rat and a lizard is thrown into the water, the lizard will shake off the water within seconds but its not always same with a rat.
Use your tongue to count your teeth and you would know what is best for you.
If God so loved the world that he had to send His only begotten son all the way from heaven, took the pains and patience, had to create Mary and Joseph, force Joseph to marry Mary and then had to protect Jesus Christ from the hatred and the evil plans of Herod and the Pharisee, all so that He will die on the cross to set you and I free, I do not see the business or the work that will keep a man who genuinely and truly love you from coming to see you.
No matter how tedious or heavy the work, he must have some spare weekend,spare Sunday or spare public holidays to come and meet with you.
Its your choice anyways what you wish and decided to do but remember, you will live with the consequences later on in life.

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