Friday, May 22, 2015

He treats me like a slave.

Good morning ma please hide my identity. 
Ma am a married woman with two female children and my husband always maltreats me as a slave, he do tell me to leave his house that he will get married to another woman anytime we have misunderstanding but i always thought that he was joking until two days ago that he asked me to go and buy my baby food, so he gave me N1000 instead of N1,400 then i asked him to balance the money so he shouted at me that he has been telling me to leave his house then i refused that am wasting my time. So i asked him where did he want me to get the remaining money which he knew that am not working and his mother that he used to give money for food. 
And he said yes if i dont like it that way then i should leave his house. 
So please ma, what should I do?


  1. You have to be prayerful because what hold your husband might be spiritual forces and you can't break the bond without been strong spiritual in lord Jesus Christ, moreover do you prayer in your house at all? You might see it ordinary or it seems to you that your husband doesn't love you again but your husband is in bondage in another woman's camp please contact your pastor and start prayer as if the world is coming to an end start by 12:00 am. Sometimes we abandon God and give devil a chance to rule our lives when you don't pray you become empty and easy to manipulate in spiritual realm but when you fortify yourself with prayer before such thing occur God will review it to you and you start prayer to avert it. Good luck and have a nice day

  2. Some men can bluff when sth is getting them really upset. But one thing I have discovered is that such men, or at least some of them, are very soft I'm heart, but very egotic. Just find a way to appease his ego and u will have ur husband back, loving and kind.

  3. Something is eating him up and I guessed is poverty.. Pray for him to change

  4. D matter get k leg, how has d going be and when did his character towards u changed?
    Try to evaluate d situation, den sit him down and hv a heart to heart talk, if there is anything u hv not been right wch upsets him, u shld be able to find out after d discussion but if he says nothing, take it to God in prayers, He can do all things!

  5. It's a pity that your once loving husband has suddenly changed to a beast. I must be sincere with you, that's the situation in most marriages. All you need to do is, talk to God if you had consulted Him before the marriage and if you did not; ask Him for forgiveness and mercy. Communicate your displeasure to your husband and make him understand that whatever has gone wrong could be fixed by two of you and the help of God. Be humble and sensitive. Speak when it is convenient and be silent when the fire is burning. I really empathise with you. May the Lord have mercy on you and your marriage.

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