Monday, June 29, 2015

Am I married without a white wedding?

What do you make of this... Good day Amara God bless you and your family,,pls I have this question to ask pls let me know when u posted so I can follow up peoples comments. The question comes this way! As an African if a man paid pride price of his wife and provide all necessary things required by his in-laws(trad.marriage) then probably along the line he couldn't meet up to do church wedding and start to sleep with his wife, NOW IS IT FORNICATION??.

Dear Sender
We are Africans and a woman is married the very moment her bride price is paid, party or no party, white wedding or no white wedding. No one should make you believe you are living in sin by sleeping with your own spouse. You are married in the eyes of God. Church or registry wedding in Africa is just for legal reasons and security. You can do all the weddings, without the bride price, you are not married. As Africans, what makes a woman married is the bride price. And the most important of all blessings upon your marriage is the blessing of your father. Go for church blessing if you want, but let no one tell you that you are on your way to hell for living with and enjoying your spouse.


  1. I completely disagree with Mrs Amara here. If u claim to be a Christian and wish to follow the tenets of God, then u MUST do well to seek His blessings in the presence of His pastor and people. You can't claim to be a Christian and not practise what you preach in entirety of your life's decisions. So sender, u must solemnize your marriage in the church else, you and I know ur conscience won't let u rest bcos you've not done what God requires of u in the sacrament of Matrimony. Tnx

    1. I guess you are very far from your Bible......As soon as her bride price is paid, she automatically became a married woman and she should be immediately addressed as (MRS)

    2. It's a pity we read d bible from our backyard without understanding it to the fullest. Where was it stated in the bible dat until u bring ur wife to church dat u r married, my dear, once ur price is paid and all traditions be done, even wen d traditions are not fully completed, abeg once ur price is paid u r married and God has blessed infact ordained ur union, just dat wen u r going for any position in church to serve, u won't be ordained except u bring ur union to church to be blessed.

    3. Church wedding is the white man's tradition. It's not biblical. Look at the men of old from Abraham down to other worthy men, they all paid brideprice and took their wives home. God respects tradition.

    4. Sir, I don't agree with u on this. The white wedding is a borrowed tradition,and so is the Christian religion. However, it bafuls me when pastors threaten members with white weddings. We are Africans, God made us, and blessed us with our traditional system of marriage. I'm not against White wedding, but it should not be used as a yardstick in measuring our a successful marriage. If the couples have the money to further the marriage in church, fine and good, but if the money isn't there, Madam u are legally married in the sight of God and man. We should not use foreign traditions and yet condemn our beautiful system.


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