Tuesday, June 30, 2015

He didn't save my phone contact!

Good pm aunty Amara, you are really a role model for us, God bless you.
Please I need your advice I met this guy over a year now but started serious relationship early this year but he can't save my number on his phone but gave me keys to his house.
There was a time I was with his phone he forgot it with me calls from two other ladies he saved their numbers I had to go through the phone and saw different messages and calls but never saw my name saved.
When I confronted him he just picked it up with me and hasn't talk to me for two weeks now and have begged him he just won't talk to me
Dear sender,
Though you shouldn't have gone through his phone without his consent (that is if he is not comfortable with allowing you to access his phone)
But your doing so has helped you understand the kind of partner you are hanging out with.
It has also brought to light some secrets of his personality that you may never had known until the day he may send you an invitation message to come and witness his wedding.
If he could save other ladies and found it difficult to save yours, it doesn't seem to me that he takes you any serious but you maybe one of those casual friends and for him to react the way he did could be a sign of guilty and that of anger that his secrets are not safe anymore.
Its time for you to decide if this man of yours has the qualities you thought he had.
Its gone for you to decide if you could compete with other ladies to win his heart and should you not succeed, if you could endure the pains of betrayal.
It's time for you to keep sentiment's apartments so as to think and help your future appreciate the efforts and sacrifices you are making today.
It is one thing to be in a relationship with a partner you love and another to be with a partner who has a vision for the relationship.
The former keeps you company while the later gives you reasons to give your heart to the relationship.


  1. Do you still need advice when you've already discovered that you're nothing but a side chick to him...I think Amara Van-Lare has written an article concerning this issue, in the article she was advising you ladies to stop thinking that a man is going to marry you simply because he gave you his house keys and you always help him to clean the house...you're just a helper he found at that moment, that's why he gave you access to his house, not that he's thinking of marrying you, so please next time be wise. #enoughsaid

  2. He indeed keeps your number in his heart that's why he doesn't save in his phone. Also through your post you really love this man but I don't know how old are you and I think you want more than relationship with him and then he behaves like a playboy.My advice it's you need more time to stay away from him and watch if he doesn't come back to beg you so thanks th Lord and pray and fasting God's going to hand you a right man who I'm sure will deeply love than what you're feeling for this man.

  3. What advice do you abeg? Abi u no know say u suppose find ur way. #Ella


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