Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I've decided to send her packing!

Good day Aunty Amara, Thanks for your good work,may God continue to bless you, please ma,help me post urgently. 
Am a married man without issues yet. Last night i noticed that my wife was horney,i tried to play with her she refused and rejected me even threw away my hand out of her body. 
I felt angry and left her alone. What irritated me most was,my wife started boldly in my presence to masturbate greatly without being ashamed of herself. 
I left the room for her. Now, i have decided to send her packing but i want to call her parents first of all to let them know what she has indulged into. 
Please i need urgent advice from the house. Thanks.
Dear sender,
When a lady has endured a pain for a long while with no help, support or assistance from those she love,she either becomes numb to the pains or she breaks down as a result of the pains and stress.
Painful as this may sound, you may have directly or indirectly contributed to it so sending her home may not help you understand your role in helping her become a complete woman.
Most men think that good love making with their wives is when you must have grabbed her twin towers and deposited your chocolate in her body.
Most men do not take their time to appreciate their wives by adequately caressing and massaging those sensitive areas of a woman's body, leaving her frustrated whenever she meets with her husband.
If masturbation means the self stimulation of her body to derive pleasure,when last did you take your time to give your wife loving attention?
When last did you compliment her and appreciate her for being your wife?
When last did you surprise her with a quickie or something different from observing, inserting and downloading your softwares into her system?
You need to communicate with her and find out what she isn't gaining from your hard work.
You need to humble yourself to enable you understand and appreciate her pains,fears and worries whenever she is with you.
I guess you expected that she hide this from you but I feel that she wanted you to help her enjoy her moments with you which was what made her do what she did.
Talk with her,and if possible, visit a sex therapist to help you understand what her body needs and her concerns that's if you couldn't extract enough informs to help you improve on your duties to her.
I know you are under pressure to deliver but don't forget that your wife needs great intimacy to enable her body receptive to your children.
So while you pray with her for the fruits of the womb, please work with her to achieve a greater result than you do you when you work alone.
Commit everything to God in prayers and if possible do your best not to take this to her parents yet but to explore other avenues to strengthen the bond of love between you and your lovely wife.


  1. A woman cannot allow you to make love to her if she's not happy, and it could be that you have not been good at making love to her, so she got frustrated and decided to help herself out...try and discover what pushed your wife to do what she did, cos a woman that is deeply loved ad satisfied in bed will never masturbate...sending her packing is not the best option. #enoughsaid

  2. Nice talk but she should have told what she's expecting from him instead of threw its hand away that is not respect I also think this man is so young to decide to fire his wife so what is going to reply his family ask him what's happened with his wife.

  3. Nice talk but she should have told what she's expecting from him instead of threw its hand away that is not respect I also think this man is so young to decide to fire his wife so what is going to reply his family ask him what's happened with his wife.

  4. There are other deep rooted issues that u are not disclosing. A woman who's husband cheats is likely to deny him sex to avoid STI and her masturbating infront of u is to drive home the point that there are other options. Before you call her parents, make sure it isn't to spite or humiliate cos she may hv a bigger surprise for you.

  5. No one is saying anything bad about what she did. Masturbation is not good if she feels her husband is not satisfying her sexually then she should have let him know not to masturbate in front of him that is stupidity. Maybe she have been in that act before she got married to him. Note if you are addict to masturbation it takes the grace of GOD to stop it. Dear poster talk to your wife ask her if you're not satisfying her sexually then with that you will know what to do. #Ella

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