Friday, June 12, 2015

Her mum said she will disown her?

Good afternoon ma,I really can stay a day without reading your post ma.
You are indeed a blessing,I have learnt a lot and am still learning .
Am a young guy of 28 years schooling and working I wrote sometime ago about my lady been AS and I also.we loved each other but when I knew  I started making effort for her to understand that the future is not certain because I had a cousin that was SS and I knew what we saw.
To cut the story short I broke up so that she would find the right person.
She wept the whole day, I felt it but taught about seeing her cry in future.
My main issue now is few months later I met a lady and became friends she was AA and I had thought God was just being faithful few months later she left her church and joined mine.
Now my main problem is the mother has said she will disown her if she refuse returning back to the family church,
Secondly, she is also not in talking term with her younger sister because she thinks the sister is falling for me.
Am not just comfortable around them.
I can't love out of pity I always tell her love grows she is not just listening.
All she wants is I should just ask her out even when I know the younger sis is not happy am with the eldest.
please advice me I don't want to hurt any of them.

Dear sender, 
You need to come to a point in your life when you would specifically say this is what you truly cherish or desire without giving the impression that you are confused or lost in what you need. 
Relationship is no competition so quit the comparison and go for the lady who truly understand your vision and has the capacity and maturity to help you succeed in it even when it may not be convenient for her. 
As for what her mum said, it's up to your friend to decide what she need most and what to do to convince her mum of her love for you. 
You do not need to do the talk on her behalf, only encourage her to do what is best for her and the relationship. 
Please invite God in your relationship and surrender all to him so that he will bless you with the very best for your marriage. 

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