Thursday, June 11, 2015

You need your enemies to succeed in Life.

I know you have at one time or another wished that you had no enemies.
I can bet you have prayed and thought they were dead and non existent.
You have done everything to impress or express your concern about them but you feel they simply do not appreciate or care about you.
You wish you knew them personally so that you can hand a note that reads "go to hell and roth" to them and live as though they are not part of you.

If you have at one point or the other felt that way, then you may need to read this article.
You may not agree with me but it's your decision anyways.
You need your enemies to succeed in life.  In fact the greater your enemies, the greater your success.
They never see anything good in you. Their duty is to observe and watch you live your life.
They wish to be like you but since they cannot, they chose to attack you and make a living watching your back.

Your enemies help you become a better you because they never allow you to settle for anything good.
They believe you can do better but they strive to distract you.
Unfortunately they do not know that you care less about their sentiment which makes them work harder to seeing you succeed by pointing out the expectations they couldn't attain.

Your enemies may spend years wishing they could bring you down but most times they are actually there to see you succeed.
Your enemies are there because God has prepared a table for you. I mean God won't prepare a table for you if there were no enemies to observe you.

This was why Jesus Christ never commanded us to hate them but to simply love them and pray for those who persecute us.
So you see, you can't wish them dead because you truly need them.

Do not panic because of what they said or are saying about you.
Do not worry because of what they did or are doing to hurt you.
Don't let them get the best of you, they are way below you so you are not competing with them.

Listen to them but never you respond to them with words, simply let them see how much better you have become.
Your enemies only remind you that you need God to exceed their expectations and they also remind you that there is no retirement in pursuit for excellence.

I know you wish to know who they are so that you will be careful but the perfect place where you can find your enemies is amongst your friends.
Judas was never far from Jesus Christ, he actually betrayed him with a kiss which meant that he was that close to him.

But that's not to scare you but so that you do not need to worry more about who they probably maybe.
It's time you love them and give them many reasons to work harder.
Be nice to your friends and more kind to your enemies because they truly need it.

Stop panicking or getting worried about them, they know you are better and they can't command the hairs on your head to be moved.
If God be with you, He would make your enemies to work in your favour because all things (including enemies)  work together for your good to them who believe.

To my beloved enemies, I may not have a lot to say but I truly do understand how you feel and appreciate your concerns about me.
I may not know you in person but I truly love you. I need you so much and I pray that the good lord will bless you richly.
You are the best for being who you are. 

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