Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our poor communication is killing me.

Please Aunty Amara I need advice on this.I'm into a serious relationship.  
I'm 26yrs and my guy is 34 but right now my guy has financial challenges 
I'm not a type of girl that ask for money but my problem right now is the situation is so bad that he doesn't call me weeks pass 
I'm the only one that calls whenever  I have money to get airtime ,and the poor communication is killing me although is a little distance relatnship but the poor communication is killing me. 
I told him about it and he said  he's not happy the way I'm complaining that I should have patient with him and I love this guy so much and he also do too.but the poor communication is killing me.  I don't know how long I will be patient and I don't know  what to do. 
Because  he's asking me if I want to quit that if I can't have patience  I can end it
Dear sender,
I know it may not be rosy at the moment but I want to believe that this wasn't his attitude when you first met with him. I want to believe that there were times when he took good care of you, communicated very well with you and was there just for you. 
I am happy at least you could identify what his current challenges are. 
My question to you is how much have you been able to do to support this man who truly loves you and who you love? 
How much are you willing to ensure to support, encourage and pray for him when he needs you most? 
This is when you have to show how much you love and believe in his personality. 
Though he may not be able to call now, how about chatting through the social media or finding other avenues to communicate. 
How about suggesting business ideas that would help him stand out and encouraging him with words and actions that assure him that you genuinely believe in him. 
Like I said, I know this may not be the best of times to say I love you but it's the time to prove how much your love can endure in hard times. 
Pray about it and commit everything to him who knows much more than you can imagine or expect in life. 
All the best. 

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