Thursday, June 11, 2015

Two guys are proposing marriage to me, I'm confused.

Hello aunty Amara i am so happy for the wonderful impact you have been makin in people life may God continue to increase you i am a girl of 26 years old there is this guy that i have been dating for five years now. This guy is not educated although he is a business man and all my life i wanted to marry a well educated man because i am also well educated, i agreed going out with him then because there was no educated man that comes my way then an also he is so caring , but now my kind of man has come my way he is so intelligent caring and so loving and our relationship is going deeper and deeper so now this two guys are proposing to marry me and i dont know which one to go for please i need  your advice

Dear sender, 
You cannot be dating two men and not be confused of who to marry. 
If you knew so well that you never wanted to have anything to do with an uneducated man, why give him the impression that you love him and allow him to invest five years of his life with you. 
That was sincerely insensitive and selfish for you to deceive this young man all because he was not "well educated" like you were. 
Since you feel that the man you wanted has come, I would suggest that you tell the other man that you are not proud of him or put it mildly that it won't work between you two so that he can meet the lady who truly cherish him for who he is. 
But I must remind you that there is more to marriage than marrying an educated parrnef

You do not need education to be happy with a partner. 
You do not need education to be responsible and committed to marriage. 
You do not need education to enjoy a fruitful and fulfilling marriage. 
Rather you need a partner who understands the rudiments, essence purpose and the commitment to make marriage succeed. 
When you meet such a man, you won't worry whether he is educated or not. 
Please pray and ask the Holy spirit to direct your path, only then will  you know who truly will truly give you peace and happiness in your home. 


  1. It's a matter of time, you will realize who is the victim of deceit. What you wouldn't want anyone to do to you don't do it to others. You've been 'married' to the guy for five years only for you to wake up from your sleep and realized that he was hold in-view for the Mr. Right. If God does not forgive you for ruining that man's life for five years, you shall return to this page again. Whether you are happy about my observation or not, it doesn't matter. I must be truthful to you. Accept the first guy's proposal and tell the second guy off. Whatever you are today is courtesy of the first guy.

  2. If a man leaves a woman, every girl/lady would shout HEARTBREAK. But its ok If a girl leaves a man. Make a choice u won't regret later.


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