Thursday, June 11, 2015

I'm jealous about the time he spends on his phone.

Hello ma, please I need your advice on something that Has been eating me up. Please let me know when you post this.
I am 25 years old and my husband is 30 years. We have been married for two years now and blessed with two children. We live in peace but the only major problems we use to have is his phone and the level of attention he pays to it. And female friends he chats with and most time the kinds of things they chat about. I get jealous. I feel neglected each time I see how much he enjoys chatting with them. He locks his phone at all times. And a times I can't control myself and I feel tempted to destroy the phone. All his liesure time is dedicated to chats. We have talked about it many times and he has warned me to stay clear from his phone and whatever he does in it. I need your advice on what to do. How do I control the jealousy I feel? How else do I make him understand that he hurts me with those actions? He'll always tell me he doesn't have anything to do with those girls but I can just take the level of intimate things they talk about.
Dear sender, 
I know it can be unbearable watching the man you love devote his time to another. 
What many do not understand is that even the time you share with another can destroy a lovely home no matter how harmless they may be. 
Beautiful wife, please do not destroy his phone even though it may not be so easy for you. 
Get busy, focus on what makes you happy allow him to be the man that he desires to be. 
Whenever he needs your attention, please attend to him. 
Believe what he told you and let his phone be. 
No matter what he discusses with strange women, always remember that you are his wife and you are closer than anyone else he discusses with. 
Spend more time praying for him than you do discussing and complaining about this. 
I would suggest you do not raise this with him anymore. Your attitude to him and your devotion to him would make him desire to be with you and not his phone. 
It's not what you can overcome by attacking him but what you need wisdom, love, understanding and patience to overcome. 
Shower him with more love and simply don't let his phone make you to lose your home to others. 


  1. Aunty Amara why not be real. Which love. My dear, take up your phone and act like you are busy with your friends too and watch become jealous and crawl back. Why should we always be at the receiving end, and we call it love. Please lets be real.

  2. Dear poster pickup your phone and start chatting with friends then let's see how he feels. #Ella

  3. Aunty Amara u're on point. My dear if u shuld start doing wht he's doing there'll be serious war in d house. U're d woman he's d man. Pls ensure to give him ur attention whn he needs it and stay within d borders he gave u and with time u'll win him completely. Always remember u're his wife & d closest woman to him

  4. Pick up your phone and start chatting too. Love my foot!

  5. Pick up your phone and start chatting too. Love my foot!

  6. These men always get away with everything ,and we are expected to shower them with love when it's so obvious they are cheating.


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