Friday, June 12, 2015

Is this true love?

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good  evening to you and to everyone...I slept with the elder oh brother because  he was influential just then I realised I loved his younger brother whom I'm older than with two years..
The younger brother  loves me so much that he can't do without me his family knows and loves me too..even after I told him my encounter with his elder brother which was a mistake he still loves me unconditionally but I still doubt it it true love?

Dear sender, 
The casual things we do end up hunting us in an unusual and unfair environment. 
Maybe you would need to learn a lesson or two from this that flirting or having casual sex with anyone may not be in your favour. 
I do not feel it is out of place for a man to Love you unconditionally but how do you hope to live with this man knowing that he would always judge you based on his encounter with you and may make advance to you at any point in your life. 
How do you hope to cope with his younger brother if his elder brother decides to simply hunt you with your past? 
It may not be easy but it is very very possible that he truly loves you. 
All you need to do is prepare your mind emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to be the wife that he so much desires irrespective of what the opinions of others maybe. 
Stop dwelling in the past but embrace the privilege you have today and do not abuse it. 
No relationship prosper without God, so do well to make him part of your journey so that you won't regret any decision you take in life. 

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