Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm scared to fall in love.

Good afternoon ma...may God continue to bless you and your fans...
Ma am that young lady that told you about a man asking for my hand in marriage after all lnvestigation and lnquires my parents found out he was an OSU(an outcast) so they told me not to marry him and some negative stories behind the man 's family..
so l decided to quit since my parents are not in support..but l explaind to the man to move on with his family that it cant work out between us and my family is not in support but this man started insulting and cursing me that l will never have peace of mind in my life and that l will continue to experince disappointment in life...but l was rejecting and tellin him back to sender...even my family was aware of his threats and they hate him for that.....please Ma the problem is that am scared to fall in love again..... sorry for the  long write up.
Dear sender, 
Yesterday is gone and will never be recovered no matter how much you strive to have it. 
No matter how long you spend over a failed relationship, it won't make you a better lady. Granted you wished your past relationship worked out, you need to move on and learn from the past to always investigate and make your findings before bringing a partner home. 
You also need to take responsibility for the decisions you make in life and not to depend on the opinions and perception of others about a partner. 
Check your mirror and you would behold an amazing lady that a man somewhere is patiently and passionately praying to have as his wife. 
You are a blessing many are praying to receive from God. 
Please give Love a chance to make you a happy and fulfilled lady. 
Be positive and be hopeful knowing that all things work for your good. 


  1. If you're scared to fall in love in again, that means you believed all his cursing and threats, as long as you said back to sender with faith in your heart, move on and fall in love, nothing will happen, you owe him nothing, since you explained your reasons for not continuing with the marriage, the last time I checked it is not by force to marry anyone. #enoughsaid

  2. Marriage is not by force is a thing of choice,so poster move on with your life try your luck elsewhere and remember this, as Amara have said. Always make an inquiry before falling in love or getting into any serious relationship with someone. But this OSU of a thing i do not understand it, it's funny only in IGBO land you can find it, well it is tradition if you're not one don't go in there with that is OSU. God help us #Ella


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