Saturday, June 13, 2015

How do I tell her how I feel?

Good morning  Aunty. I have been gaining a lot from this group though a dormant member,may the good lord who started this work with you continue to bless you more in Jesus name Amen!
Please i need urgent advice from you and your good followers.
It have been long i knew this girl.I love her so much but i don't know about her.
Until a time i started approaching her by asking her some questions which always lead to my asking her of her cell number. 

Though she refused giving me initially but a time came and she did. Since then we have been chating on phone and in social networks, i have even sent something to her and told her to inform me whenever she is in such need. 

Since then she have taken me as a tight friend of hers but CASUAL.
AUNTY i need something more than that in short,I need relationship.
Please advice me, how do i talk to her? How do i start changing the topic.NB we attend the same church though not in the same local church.
please advice meDear sender, 
Start by complimenting her and appreciating those qualities you cherish in her. 
Tell her how lovely, beautiful and endearing she is to you. 
Remind her of those things that made you pause to think about her. 
Tell her those qualities you found in her which other ladies do not have. 
When you are done with that, go a step further by telling how you feel about her and what you feel for her. Tell her the plans you have for her and how much you wish and pray to be with her for life. This is not time to tell her how much you have in your pocket or account. This also is not time to rush her to bed and sleep with her. 
Take her to a neutral place like a restaurant or garden or Park, somewhere where she will be relaxed and free to talk with you. 
When you are done, give her some time to meditate on that and decide on what she want. 
Like I said, do not impress her with what you do not have so that you do not struggle in the relationship. 
Do not forget to pray that God will convince her beyond words and efforts. 
Pray that he would give you the wife that will bring you peace and fulfilment In life. 
Having the desire to enter into a purposeful relationship is a good thing and I pray that you shall find favour in God's sight. 

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