Saturday, June 13, 2015

I don't want to lose my marriage to quick ejaculation.

good morning mA'..i must compliment your good work. 
I just got married early this year to a girl of my dream but am about to lose my marriage because of quick ejaculation when making love with my wife though it has not been happening to me before but now my wife have startd complaining about it which i know..
please mA what can i do for it to stop? i dont want lose ma marriage.
Dear sender, 
Quick ejaculation maybe as a result of the excitement a man experiences when he is making love to his wife. 
It may also be as a result of stress or health related challenges. 
But I feel that yours may be as a result of excitement. To help you, do not rush the process with your wife, take your time to master her body, caress the erogenous zones, and give her some passionate kisses before sliding inside of her body. 
Take things a bit slow and connect with her when you make love to her by asking her how she feels with every move you make. 
Express your satisfaction by complimenting her even as you make love to her. Ask her to guide you on the tour so you do not miss the road. With time and patience, you would master the act of waiting for your wife to arrive before pouring your cold water on her. 


  1. But ma'am the 'water' isn't cold but we get ur drift tho

  2. Try doing these things, (1) Master the act of taking your mind off the action whenever you feel like you're about to ejaculate, if you always fix your mind on the sensitive feelings you're getting on your manhood then you will always ejaculate easily. (2) Avoid sugar, drinking too much can cause it too, cos all beer contain a lot of sugar. (3) Waiting for too long before having sex can also make you to ejaculate easily, always endeavor to have regular sex with your wife. (4) Before having sex with your wife do not fantasize about it, just have the mindset of a person that has a job to do, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be passionate about it. (5) Do not take viagra or drink local gin to enhance your sex drive, most of us know that it has side effects. (6) Sometimes a man has to ejaculate 2 or 3 times before lasting long, so always make sure you go more than one round, don't just lose strength after ejaculating the first time, your second or third round can last longer more than the first. (7) If you can't go more than one round or two, then ask her to give you a blow job so you can ejaculate, then rest before the real action, when you have less semen in your system you will last longer...It is very important to satisfy your wife sexually or else there will be trouble in paradise, it's never a good idea for your wife to have more sexual drive than you do, apply these methods and thank me later. #enoughsaid

    1. Guy man,u too sabi d


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