Sunday, June 14, 2015

How prepared are you?

You spend days preparing for a date with him. You go shopping looking for a wonderful gift for her birthday.

You plan the best and the glamorous way to propose marriage to her.
And spend every moment telling your friends about him.

Everyone knows that you are an item and you have dreams of forever with him.
The kisses, pecks, and times you've spent together have convinced you that forever won't be enough for your love for her.

You have painted your wall with her pictures and his pictures are on all your account display pictures.

There is no need for prayers because everything is perfect and fine in your eyes besides her body shape is second to none.

You are in this cycle but you do not know exactly what journey you are embarking on.
You've never taken your time to prepare for marriage.
You've never asked yourself the pertinent questions about the vision of your family, your duties in your family, your expectations and the challenges that may test your marriage.

Beautiful lady,
You are busy planning how much your wedding dress may cost, the kind of Hall you would rent, the kind of dress and the colours that you cherish. Of course nothing is wrong with those but you have forgotten to prepare your heart for the family where you are getting married to.
You haven't thought of how you would support your partner to conserve his funds and invest for the future of your family.
You are so busy calculating how much you would earn in a month and how you would work in the best firm but you do not plan on how to raise your children not to be a public disappointment and a nuisance to the society.
You do not feel you should invite God in your home because there is no corpse for alarm.

Handsome Man,
Her beauty is second to none.
When you walk on the street with her, other men whistle and turn to look at her again.
Partying and celebrating is the order of the day.
You wish to take her to the moon and back and you hope to collapse the world for her but you don't sit down to count your cost.
You don't take your time to know the lady behind the beautiful body that you admire.
You know so well what you need but you are better off with her because she is soo beautiful and even other men wish to have her.
You are happy and proud but not prepared.

Ours is a generation of those who "wanna be" married but they never prepare for it.
They make so much assumptions and spend so much on pre-marital celebrations only for them to get married and crash down.
Why wouldn't they when the foundation was faulty.

Time has come when we need to re-examine our understanding and appreciate God's purpose for marriage.
It's time we leave the fantasy world and face the realities of life.
It's time we cut down on the cost of celebrating and spending and channel the funds to building a home where partners are happy.
It's time we look inwards and go for what we truly need and not what we see.
It's time we leave the fantasy of sex and focus more on our responsibilities in our home.
When we get it right from our mindset, we would prosper and enjoy marriage.
We would not regret entering into the covenant of God's divine purpose for our ministry.
We would not place material gains over our happiness nor make physical adorning the definition of a good wife.
We would invite God not when it's crashing but before we lunch into marriage institution.

Marriage is beyond what you view on the television and read on the Internet.
Marriage is not for the excited and those who are under pressure to impress or  compete with others in life.

Marriage is a sacred journey, one that you are solely and spiritually responsible to.
Equip your heart with all the virtues you need to succeed in marriage.
Pray, and plan ahead as prepare for your marriage. Be the good partner that others desire to have.
Go for what is eternal and do not be in a haste if you are not convinced.
How prepared are you for marriage?
It's never too late to make amends, and today is the best time to prepare for your marriage as you believe God for your better half. 


Designed by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)