Monday, June 15, 2015

My former girlfriend is asking for my forgiveness.

I have a problem that is disturbing me. I am 20 years by age. And I was dating my former girlfriend before she travelled she stopped calling me and when I called her she will never pick up. I was surprised because I didn't believe that she'll do that. 
But that time I love her and she do love me. So I made up my mind to let her go. But I love her so much. December last year I met my new girl friend. I love her and she loves me too, and I promised never to break her heart. But my problem is my former girlfriend called me and told that she still loves me and I should forgive her. And I told her about my new date she said no problem.
Ma please you and your fans should help me out. I am confused. God bless.
Dear sender,
Since she said that you should forgive her, please forgive her but your forgiving her doesn't mean you owe her anything in the name of relationship. 
And it doesn't mean that you have to discharge your new date all because she is back. 
Let her know that you have moved on and you do not wish to go backwards unless you are convinced that you do not know exactly what you want or feel for your present partner. 
But I'm thinking, how do you hope to cater for your girlfriend?what if you end up expecting a baby from your girlfriend, how do you hope to provide for your child? 
Have you discovered what your purpose and plans are in life and are you ready for the sacrifices that comes with relationship? 
I would suggest that you focus more on discovering yourself through education, skills acquisition and vocational trainings so that you would be resilient, responsible and emotionally prepared for relationship and subsequently marriage. 
I pray for wisdom and understanding that would help you discern what you need in life and become the very best in your endeavours. 

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