Monday, June 15, 2015

My husband is proving stubborn and hard.

Hello madam,may the lord be with you for the good work you are doing.
Have been married for ten years now with 3 kids staying with my mother in law and brother in law in my father in law's house.The house was renovated by my hubby.
My hubby does not want to leave there for reasons best known to him,some months ago his younger brother got married also into the same 3-bedroom apartment.
Have tried all my best to convince my husband to let us leave the house for his family but he is proving stubborn and hard to talk to.
I can't cope again with the whole life style.
What is your advice on this.Thanks so much.

Dear sender, 
You may need to find out the financial capacity of your husband and his vision with respect to the accommodation. 
I don't feel it would be awesome for you all to live with such discomfort and no privacy at all. 
But for him to be acting the way he is suggests he may have other plans or is limited by some of his responsibilities to you and to his parents. 
Your understanding the circumstances and the family challenges would help you know how best to press for this. 
You don't expect that he would be excited if he doesn't have the funds to rent an apartment. 
Please keep encouraging, supporting and suggesting that to him hopeful that some day he would understand your views. 
Pray about it and do no relent in giving your best to your family while you respect others. 
Marriage comes with a lot of excitement and experiences we may not have planned or prepared for but understanding that they may be grooming us to become better and strengthen our home would give us the grace, wisdom and patience we need to overcome and excel in our home. 

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