Monday, June 15, 2015

My relationship seems not to be working.

Good morning,Ma.
I really need your advice, am in a relationship that seems not to be working, I do most of the calling and sometimes he hardly return my missed calls and still he hardly discuss about anything or say something but even at that I still like him very much, one day I decided to clarify myself, and I asked him if he still likes me but he bluntly refused to answer me saying that I want to move on with another man, and when I told about my mum said about me being more interested in marriage than to further my studies and unlike him,called me and quarrelled me accusing and we stayed on the phone like an hour plus..
Later I was now thinking about it, does it mean he likes me?
Am really confused cu's I really do like him. What should I do
Dear sender,
When you are the only one who calls and cares about him and the relationship, it is no longer a relationship but an emotional burden to the other partner.
If you find yourself in such a relationship, you are simply not appreciated and cherished by your partner but you are being tolerated by him.
You need to give him some space and be busy with something and not him. You need to let him know that he is no doing you a favour by dating you and that there are more to who you are without him.
If in fourteen days time, he neither called nor cared about you, then you may need to redefine what love truly mean to you.
If it is not mutual and purposeful, then it is not wise to

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