Monday, June 15, 2015

I can't cope with her job

Good morning Amara and how was your night?
I have a girl I have paid her bride price on April 2015, already fixed our tradition/weeding January 2016. She just finished school as a nurse. She just got a new job this month in a private hospital as a nurse. She is always busy when she is at work. We don't talk on phone as we use to.

The hospital called her back from her off duty yesterday so she left to work. Getting there, she told me that she will be answering less of my calls as they don't answer call where she is. she is monitoring a babe in oxygen.

When i closed from work last night i chatted her and we chatted on viber. 
This morning I called her she was in a call. Called again she busy my call. Called again she picked it and said she was talking with a Dr.on call that she will flash me later as she is busy right now.

One thing with me is that I love and care for her so much. I do anything she requested from. I do cherish, appreciate and love her so much. I do satisfy her sexually. I can't think of anything she is lacking from me. Only that she wanted us to have our weeding/tradition October this year but I postponed it as my family said they won't be available by October. That is the only thing I know i have done to her which made her annoyed but she later agreed with me and we have resolved it. 
She loves me too but I think I care for her more than she does to me. Though both of us calls each other but I do call more and i so much like given attention, taking care of and love from her which i have already made known to her. We are not leaving together yet. We leave in different state. I can't call and talk with her anytime i want if she is at work and i don't like it. I see that she put her work first before me. I need constant attention, care love and communication from her.
Please I need your advice.

Dear Sender,
Honestly, I can understand what you are going through and I feel for you. But you knew she is a nurse before you settled for her. Did you discuss this very career before paying her bride price? If you didn't or did and decided to go on, why are you complaining. No good nurse or doctor carries phone around while on duty. In fact, a lot of jobs now require people to stay off cellphones while at work. Please discuss with her, but have it in mind that you are married to a nurse. 


  1. Now I'm more confused about dis man's complain, dis days men don't want liability but assets, and here is one and u re complaining, nw I knw hw it hurts wen u wana talk/chat with ur lover and they re so busy that they can't spare a minute for u, ve bn there, buh Mr learn to live with it some hw, and I wish d nurse in questn would b reading dis, I would advise she calls him any little tiny time she has, am sure he will appreciate it, Aunty amara weldone may u b blessed immensely..... yes veeee says so

  2. Dude...Let the young lady practice what she studied. I love ladies that are engaged in a sensible manner just like your spouse.

  3. As a nurse she does not work more than 8 to 12 hrs a day.You must not call her when she is at work

  4. As a nurse she does not work more than 8 to 12 hrs a day.You must not call her when she is at work

  5. The earlier you start living with the fact that she is a Nurse the better for you.
    She is meant to put other people's life first.


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