Friday, June 19, 2015

I'm falling in love with my ex,please help me!

Good morning ma. 
Please, I need your help and other people's opinion on this issue that is bordering me. 
Am married with no issue yet(4 years plus). 
I love my husband and he loves me more than I do. He cares for me and he does not want me to be sad for any reason. Just of recent I came in contact with my ex boyfriend. 
He's married to a girl he cheated on me with. 
That period, there was nothing like sex between us. We started chatting and he told me that he still loved me and that if there is anything he can do to have me back, he would do it. 
The problem now is that am falling in love with him again and I can't stay a day without chatting with him and I don't know how to stop my chat with him. I told him I want to put an end to our chat, he has been begging me not to do that. Please, help a sister.

Dear sender,
How painful it is for you to forget so fast the pains,disappointments, anger, depression and mockery of your friends alike that this same man brought to you by not only cheating on you but also going ahead to spit on your face by getting married to her.
How disappointing it is that you find comfort in chatting with him and heeding to the devil's plot to render you homeless and make you a laughing stock.
How insensitive that you do not consider the man who wiped your tears and gave you all you needed.
He not only loves you but goes all the way to stand by you even in times like this.
Tell me dear sender, when will you get the courage to think and focus on your marriage?
Why do you feel safe in cheating emotionally on your husband?
What excuse would you give should he get to read your chat with him?
Please do not let empty promises from a confused man make you lose your home for lack of self discipline and focus on your home.
Do not take God's provision for your life for granted. Please do not dwell with a man who neither paid your bride prize nor does he have your happiness at heart.
The consequences may not be favourable for you. If you do not know how to block him and delete his account from your device,please break your handset and go for those with no internet to prevent the handset from breaking your heart.
I pray that God would remember you as he remembered Hannah and Sarah and rewarded them with fruits of the womb in Jesus name amen.


  1. Dear sender u shuld always use your head. you better delete that your ex number. dont ever communicate with him ever again. then face your family.

  2. quit before u get into serious trouble. His wife is not ready to give up her marriage for you why do u want to break your own home to face another woman in battle. use ur head


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