Saturday, June 13, 2015

My angel refused to talk to me.

I went to a friend's dad burial and coincidentally saw this angel that captured my heart...long story short we eventually started dating when she visited me cos we're both in separate towns, she on one occasion wanted us to make love but I objected that I just couldn't because of the love I had for her...must note here however that communication was good when we started along the line after service to with no job...most times we stayed for weeks without hearing from each other, when I called this is evening she gave me the shocker of my life that she doesn't want to speak to me, efforts to get her talking about why proved abortive...
she's one angel have come to love and willing to marry.
But the recent development has got me confused. your kind advices
Dear sender, 
When you stayed for weeks without communicating with her, what do you think she was up to then? 
How do you think she must have felt then,? The greatest catastrophe that destroys relationship and marriage most times is not distance but lack of communication. 
This breeds suspicion, fears, and a lot of assumptions about the relationship. 
She might have felt that you were no longer interested in her which made her react the way she did. 
Schedule a date with her and meet with her, that would be a better way to explain yourself and also get to know how she feels and what she is up to. 
Be patient with her and please enhance your communication with her. You can use the social me to meet up even if the chips are down. 

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  1. You were the cause of your problem, if you stay for a long time without calling a woman, in most cases the next thing you will hear when you call her again is "who is this", she will ask that question, cos she has deleted your number. Women like constant communication and attention, if you stop calling her, she will simply think that you're into someone else and that she has become an option or a side you have to fix your communication problem first it will go a long way in bringing her back. #enoughsaid


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