Saturday, June 13, 2015

The man I love is dating my colleague

Please Aunty Amara, I promised  myself not to love again,after some time i gave it a second thought, I met this very man both of us fell in love, and I love him so much, I have been dating him since five months now, I have been in deep threats since i found out what has been going on in my office, I found out that the same man I love so much is also dating my colleague and she has been telling me a lot of story about two of them being together, and I have not confronted either both of them..... Please help me out I don't know what to do. This is the man I trust so much.....
Dear sender, 
Please make no delay or conclusions yet, find out from your man what is going on in his life and relationship. 
Ask questions and make investigations on your own to avoid making conclusion based on hearsay. 
You do not need to have anything to do with your colleague at the office and please focus on your job and avoid being part of their discussion until you have verified from him. 
This will also help you to know who you are truly dating and probably guide you on what is best for you to do. 
Be calm and do not b worried, it's better to know the identity of your partner than live in deception of his personality. 

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