Saturday, June 13, 2015

Somehow I still love him but can't take the risk.

please ma I need your advice there is this guy i meet we started dating. So on the long run he hooked up with someone else a lady that is older than him 
They got married after marriage we meet well i felt it as a woman them but i couldnt stop them.
After the marriage he was transferred to Abuja because of the nature of his job. After four years of marriage he called me and asked me to give him a child that he made a mistake in marrying that girl. 
That after his marriage he was confused that he didn't know what really happened to him that made him marry that girl that she is older than him and he is not happy in the marriage that he wants to pull out. 
I tried to advice him not to so he said of i don't want to marry him he would get another girl that he has told the wife that he is not confortable with the marriage and that the wife is not ready to go. 
He said he would take her by surprise with that she will leave that there is nothing anybody will tell him that he doesn't want the marriage anymore that the girl even lied she was pregnant then uptill now nothing. Please ma i need your advice somehow i still love him but i don't think i can take that risk and i don't want him to leave that girl what will i do please
Dear sender, 
You see, this young man is not only confused but is also look for an innocent lady to set up. 
Were you thinking that his wife will be sleeping while he takes her by surprise? Don't you feel that she may also have many surprises for him? Are you really willing to play with this fire while the wife reward you for your advise? 
I don't think you deserve such at all. He is married and no matter what his marriage maybe going through, you are not the solution to his Marital challenges. 
If his wife has not conceived, it's either that he is unable to father a child or her system has some challenges. 
If he is not happy in his marriage, he contributed to it so please quit advising him and focus on your future. 
He can't reject you yesterday and now return to destroy you in the name of having marital challenges. 
I join you to pray that God will fix his marriage, please forget about him and focus more on your own happiness. 

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  1. Dear sis.,please......forget about this guy. Cut every tie and link with him. If he is man enough and not irresponsible,he would not be looking for you. He is not a husband-material. He doesn't even understand the purpose of marriage(Hahahah). Let him go. If he is not able to keep his commitment to his wife,he will not be able to keep his commitment to any woman. His character is defective.

    For the things you are still feeling - IT IS NOT LOVE. It's just some chemicals in your blood-stream,or maybe as a result of soulties if you had slept with him,or spent some amount of time with him. It's just a matter of time- as you get more wisdom,the feelings will disappear. To aid your healing,please get the FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS - ''THE 12 TESTS OF LOVE(12mp3s)", by TEKENA IKOKO @ ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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