Saturday, June 13, 2015

My "dream" husband left me for six years.

Hi Ma, how are you doing? Ma, need your guidance and prayer.
I'm single and praying to get a husband that loves me and also God fearing man. How can i know which guy is actually from God? I've few candidates on hand that which I knew for couple of years. All of them loves me and wants to marry me and all of them said God shown them am their wife.
But for me, I used to have a dream(vision) where my husband is and had triplet for him. The problem is right now am confused. That particular guy is one of my French boyfriend and as fiance but he have left my country for six years now. He didn't return.
We used to keep in touch and just recently we lost contact.
Ma, can you guide and advise me what should i do now? Should I still wait for him or continue.
We've known each other since late December 2006 and being together for two and half years and engaged in 2008 and he promised that he would return after a month he travelled for our wedding before he travelled in 24th May 2009. Since he travelled in 2009 up to date he is not back. We used to talk on phone, Skype.. just recently we lost contact. Everytime we talked he would say i should wait for him... 
I've waited for good six years and now... i do really wonder who would be my husband. Along the way, i did met few guys but they're so different. He was very understanding and open minded as well. He always said i could get any boyfriend on ground while he's away but I always belong to him.

Dear sender, 
Perhaps your husband is building a wonderful house for your triplets in the vision (dream). 
The earlier you woke up from this nightmare you called dream, the better for you and your happiness. 
If your relationship was a degree programme, the person would be graduating as a medical doctor or with masters degree in other discipline. 
If it was a baby,he/she would almost be rounding up from primary school. 
What you had with that man was a relationship of convenience and it is simply characterised by time wasting, empty promises and appraisals that are never from a genuine heart. 
Every man was Created by God but one who honour him, submit to him and daily long to please him is one who belong to him. 
He may not be flashy or as rich as you wished. 
He may not have all those things you admire but he has a vision he lives for and a passion that consumes him. He is responsible, honest and sincere. 
He doesn't place sex before your happiness nor does he abuse, or humiliate you. 
He supports you and he makes out time to be with you. 
He is an ordinary man who has made God the sovereignty of his life. 
When you meet a man who truly fears God, your spirit will bear witness with the Holy spirit that truly He is a man who fears God. 
But do not rely solely on dreams and hope that you are on the right track. 
Do well to match it with God's word and make sure you have conviction from the Holy spirit. 
Dreams may be out of our fantasies or pictures of what we desire but not necessarily from God. 
Every good and perfect gift comes from above,please seek God's will and He shall bless you with the best of husband. 

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