Saturday, June 13, 2015

When Smart Women Become Foolish

I am sure you daily meet very smart women. Some women are naturally gifted that everyone in the society respects them. There are girls who claim to be so vast in life and who have seen so much that they now believe nothing can trap them down. These are the kind of women with great followership from their fellow women. It is not just their fellow women honouring them for their wisdom, men also fall for them.

Some of these women use their wisdom and knowledge the right way, but a good number of them make use of their wisdom the foolish way. The most painful part of this is that these ladies believe they are smart and streetwise when in the actual sense of it; they are the most foolish set of people on earth. I am sure men dread these set of women and for you not to ruin your relationship with the man you love, you have to be careful and know when to run away from these women. You must grow up to know when to stop going to them for advice.

As human beings, we always want to confide in someone; this is good, but I have noticed that most of the times, those you trust are the one to put you on the cross and by the time you start the “had I known”, they are nowhere to be found.

As a woman in a relationship, there are certain advice you shouldn’t spend a minute thought on. If you should mistakenly take any of these evil advice from the so called smart women, you are doomed for life and you may end up losing that relationship you want to protect. Like I tell every girl that comes to me for advice; if half the time you spend trying to fight your way into a man's heart is spent on your personal development, you would be the best and most industrious woman on earth.

Now let us look at some of those satanic advices from your Miss or Mrs Smart.

Beat up/Kill his girlfriend
You are a total disgrace to womanhood if you are one of those women or girls who set out to fight the girl next door because she is having some secret deal with the man. If that guy is yet to get married to you and you have the audacity to go fight another girl because you believe you love him, I would advise him to call it a quit with you because you are going to cause him so much embarrassment in the future. If you are already married to him, I just pity your children and the helpless man. A woman I know very well lost her four months pregnancy just because she went to fight her husband’s girlfriend. You are nothing but a street girl if you are guilty of this. I don’t care your social status; you are just fit for the gutters. 
Use sex to your advantage 
 You are not denying him sex because you are depressed or hurt by the man; you want to use sex to get money and other material things. I believe a man should help his woman overcome depression and should apologize when wrong. Women are different from men when it comes to emotional matters. Women want lovemaking because they are relaxed; men use lovemaking to relax. If you want that good lovemaking, please make sure you make her happy.

Back to those selfish ladies. How can any reasonable woman use sex as a weapon to fight her man? A lady somewhere in GRA Lagos denied her husband sex for his refusal to change her one year old SUV that was bought straight from the manufacturing company. After three months into this, the man met his high school sweetheart at a gas station. The old flame got rekindled. The man called to tell me this.

Another woman walked into my office telling my female employees that the best thing is to collect money from their husband at the point of lovemaking. According to her, that's what she does and for the man to touch her, he must drop like #50K (Fifty Thousand Naira). As we discussed this, a male customer confirmed her story by telling us about his cousin whose wife does that to. What a shame, married prostitutes.  Foolish women thinking they are smart.

No dinner for him
No matter the quarrel with my husband, I serve his meal. Don't keep him starved because of marital issues. As long as you both live together, you will keep agreeing and disagreeing. 

I know some men who reject food over marital issues; this is not right. If you thing you will not have issues in marriage, you should have waited for eternity to come before marriage. As long as we are striving towards perfection, there shall be issues. You are in it; face it. And thank your God if your wife is not one of those hardened women because that's when she will cook the best meal for herself and finish it in your presence. 

Keep away from his relations 
 I know a woman who, whenever the man is around, treats his relations like eggs only to put them through torture and starve them when the man is out. This makes the man believe his wife so much loves and cares for her children. You can choose to go ahead in your iniquity, but don’t forget; you shall reap whatever you sow. Treat them right. Even if they hate you, protect yourself, but don't hate them back and don't stop them from coming to their brother/son's house. 

Have your egg in another basket
 This is deceit from the pit of hell. Young girls believe they shouldn’t have all eggs in one basket as the guy may change his mind tomorrow. If you have doubts about him, please take a walk. End that relationship with him before starting another. 

Married women on their own part are now into young boys to the point that these gigolos are no longer available for the young girls. They buy houses and cars for the lazy young men who service them in oga’s absence. A Nigerian senator once locked up her Ghanaian steward because the guy got tired of servicing her. She employed him as a steward, but more for her bed. A day came that the boy refused to go on with this life; madam got him locked up by the police. It took the intervention of a friend to get this boy out after he threatened to expose madam senator.

The other shameful one is their involvement in lesbianism. Our young girls now live in porch houses and use top range rides with shops on high streets, courtesy, big mummy. The end of all these is pain. It is more honourable ending a relationship than being unfaithful in it. And you know the funny thing? They hate ladies who refuse to join their lesbian clique.

Just a visit to a spiritualist
 There is no gift of the devil without tears and expiry date. Every gift of God makes rich and adds no sorrow. Your regular visit to the baba" is leading you to one destination-regret. The sad thing is that most babalawos (witch doctors) have turned to pastors and are making good living from our society. Be careful with the pastors we have around as majority of them are from the devil himself. They will give you the prophecy you want to hear and are most times exact. The truth is that they work with the spirit of the dead-Necromancy and this is what tells them everything they need to know about you. They have no solution to your problem. Only a few are still in tune with the Trinity.

My dear, there is nothing as beautiful as you being close to God and have Him direct you Himself. I personally don’t consult anyone and it would help you if you develop a personal relationship with God thereby putting an end to your regular visits to the evil prophets in town who depend on people like you for their upkeep.

Step up; dress like his girlfriend
When you find yourself dressing like his girlfriend who walks about nude, my dear, you are on your way to being one of them. Be yourself. Remember you have those tiny eyes looking up to you. If your fashion sense is poor, do something to brush yourself up. I feel bad when I see women or men who just sit and  watch their spouse step up the ladder without doing anything to improve themselves. If you want him to be proud of you at his company's end of year event, please step up. Sir, if you want her to proudly flaunt you, step up. Brush yourself up to avoid looking like a maid or driver beside your spouse. 

The best advice is this; spend time with God and good friends who will show you the right way. If you spend time working on yourself (not just visiting the beauty parlours where you fix a 28 inches lace wig and some scary eyelashes) and developing yourself to become what you should be, you will have less time for those foolish "smart" friends. 

May you find the grace today. 


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