Saturday, June 20, 2015

My fiancé accused me of poisoning his food.

Good day Amara. 
Please I need an advise on this. 
I'm engaged to be married soon,wedding plans was going on until something happened.
Last month my fiance said he wanted to ask me something that would determine if the marriage would continue or not.
Then he asked me that why was it that me and my family wanted to kill him that I and my mother put posion in his food three times,that he ate a particular food given to him by my mum and he had stomach upset that there was poison in the food,not just that,  that I gave him a food and he had same stomach upset that there was poison in the food,which I knew my hands and that of mum hands were clean how can. 
I kill my hubby to be besides he lost his job and my parents helped him to get the one he's doing right now.
I told his father about it and his father came with his son(my fiance) to apologise to my family.
Now my parents said they are no longer interested in the marriage,  they won't support it again.I need an advice on what to do I don't know wether to continue with him or not because I don't want to marry him and he will accuse me of killing him one day.
Although he's been begging me to forgive him on what he said.
Dear sender, 
I tried looking at this as a joke but it didn't sink down in me at all. 
I thought it to be a framed way to leave you and marry another lady but it still appears insensitive and painful. 
The only thing I could tell is that this young man simply neither respects you nor does he regard your family as anything. 
Accusing you was one thing, but accusing your mum was simply making a public ridicule of you. 
Tell me  how do you hope to live with a man who sees you as a diabolic lady? 
How do you hope to cope when he feels that you may kill him anytime?  
If there be any challenge in your home should you marry him, who do you feel they would blame first? 
And should anything happen to him, do you think his family would regard you? 
Forgive him for all he said and didn't say but like he rightly said, it's your decision whether the marriage would continue or not. 
But do not for any reason blame your parents for their stand on this. 
There are some words that are best never thought of talk more of voicing it out. 
Marriage is a journey with many uncertainties and it's best when you are entering into the covenant with a partner who trusts and believes in your personality without any doubt or fear of danger. 


  1. Don't ever try it ooooo, He is not your God. Let him be God will provide you a man of your own. You are lifted

  2. This sounds like a joke but really it is not, is he alright? Maybe he have mental issues, i don't think you should get married to him. You have to stay away from him,if you do marry him in future he may accuse you of plotting to kill him. #Ella

  3. Is he learned at all?maybe he reacted to a particular ingredient that was used to make the food which he ate and he referred it as poison. My dear,that is a serious accusation and I hate when people accuse other people without fact. Just see it as a sign that God doesn't want u to be with dis man.


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