Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Can they reconcile?

Good morning  madam,
Please what is the possibility of returning bride price after collection.
My younger sister got married in 2010,she had problem with the husband after a child(daughter) to the extent that my people returned the bride price last month.
Now my sister with the former husband are saying they want to reconcile and am like the mother because our mum is late. 
Please is it possible for them to reconcile since the bride price has been returned?...
Your advise is urgently needed.

Dear sender, 
In Africa, parents don't preside over traditional wedding alone but with the support of the kindred and relatives. 
Since the bride prize was returned by your people, he would have to follow some laid down procedures before he can return the bride prize and remarry his wife. 
He would need to agree with your family when it would be convenient for his family to accompany him for the paying of bride prize. 
When your people accept the bride prize and possibly give them some terms and conditions of taking care of your sister, then they will simply continue with their marriage. 
That's the only way for him to have your sister back in his house, else, she cannot live with him as man and wife. 
All the best. 

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