Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Should I confront her?

Good afternoon ma, please I need advise from you and that of your fans. 
Am a young lady of 27 & my fiance is 30 & stays in Abuja while i stays in owerri. 
Fiance's best friend also a flat mate asked me to help him find a pretty girl like me that he will get married to since am in the midst of girls(university).
He is the only son, I introduced one of my girl friend to him.
They love each other and he proposed immediately. 
After few months,that girl began to solve mathematics on my own relationship by telling my fiance about me and my entire family from A to Z both the ones she knows and the ones she does not know.
Telling him how I started my love life,how many men that toast me both before and now,tells him all my secrets because she knows ALL and she always tells him lies.
She likes my company but after staying with her, she will call my fiance on phone and tell him all that we discussed. 
If she sees me with a man,she will call him and tell him without knowing who the person was.
She loves to stay with me so as to have something to formulate.
Now my relationship is shaking cos of some lies which she told him.
I was ignorant of all these things until one day my fiance told me all that the girl has told him from day one.
We quarrelled for some days cos I was shocked and  trying to tell him that the girl lied against me.
He later apologised to me and told me that nobody on planet earth could make him turn his mind and heart against me. 
NOW, my problem is this,I wish to confront the girl and ask her why she did such to me.
Secondly,if she must tell my fiance anything about me let it be the truth.
My fiance pleaded with me not to let the girl knows that he has told me everything.
He also said that nothing will make him marry me again not even his parents if I let the girl know that he told me all she told him.
What do I do?
Should I confront the girl or let the sleeping dog lie .(I'm somehow confused because the way my fiance is making things worse and the threat of not marrying me again) sorry for the long write up,Thanks.

Dear sender, 
You have a best friend with low self esteem and she's working hard to be relevant to both her boyfriend and yours. Who knows, she may have her best friend she wishes to recommend to your fiance should she succeed with her plot. 
Sincerely if I were in your shoes, I would live like she doesn't exist and love her with her shallow mentality. 
Confronting her is only reducing yourself to her level and confirming that her gossips were really true. 
You are too beautiful to meddle with a lady who has no identity of her own. 
Do what is right and don't try too hard to impress your partner. 
If he chooses to believe the opinions of others about you, it's only an indication that he never trusted you. 
Instead of being worried and afraid, simply pray and leave everything to God. 
When God is in charge, nothing ever goes wrong and any who stands on your path of excellence and prosperity would be removed. 
Don't withhold your good from those who plot evil against you, they are always below you and will never get to the level God has elevated you. 


  1. Ignore her, and face your relationship no one can beat God's given. Is all his hand

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