Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What do you think?

Good day Aunty Amara,please l have a question bothering me it goes this way. 
"A man that always talks how he slept with his Ex while discussing with his wife to be what does it signify" 
Secondly "The same man didn't open up to the so called wife to be when they met newly that he has three children from different woman until they came confronting the lady what can this be"

Dear sender, 
This can best be described as a relationship built on deception and a lot of secrecy. 
If he's still fantasising about the romps with his ex, there is every possibility that the ex may be either in the neighbourhood or in his heart. 
My hope is that you are still "wife to be" what that means is that when you see things that ought not to be what you prayed for in your "husband to be", then it may be time for you to extend your hands of fellowship to him and then bid him goodbye. 
Do not just hope to manage if you are not prepared and equipped with all you need to be a wife to him. 
There's no pretense in marriage, only nakedness. 
All the best. 

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  1. ' There's no pretense in marriage, only nakedness ' ~ Amara Van-Lare (c) 2015 ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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