Monday, July 20, 2015

For a thousand reasons we can't date!

Happy Sunday name-sake, 
Am a Lady of 28 and I broke ma engagement with a guy who has done my introduction but with the father's absence and I discovered he has been lying to me about so many things in his life. 
I gave my life to Christ recently and became very close to one of the brothers in church cos he makes me spiritually incline. 
Last week I told him, that I feel that we are dating cos of how he treats and calls me sweet names but to my greatest surprise he told me that we ain't dating and for a thousand reasons he can't date me. 
He also said I should not call him again and he would call me if need be. Am a very friendly and jovial person and I know I can get friends but seriously he has taken away the joy in brought into my life including the little joy I used to have within me. 
Aunt Amy, what should I do? thanks

Dear sender, 
I commend your simplicity and sincerity of heart. 
I am in love with your confidence and courage to put things straight with him. 
The funny thing that most "brothers"  do is that they hang around "sisters" showing them love but saying nothing. 
Giving the lady an impression that the Lord hasn't spoken to them and that they are too busy for God to be with a lady. 
Though his response came rudely and for one makes me wonder how discerning he is with respect to his attitude to others. 
Please do not lose yourself because a man rejected you but remember that Jesus Christ Loves you so dearly. He so much love you that no man can love you as much as Jesus do. 
Feel free and worship God with the sincerity of your heart. 
It's better that you got that clear than to live with the impression that a man is longing for you while he's clearly not interested in you. 
Respect his decision and do not go trying to impress him to avoid any further embarrassments. 
JESUS LOVES YOU and so do I! 
All the best dear. 


  1. You sound like someone that didn't set her priorities right....I think you should reevaluate yourself and know exactly what you want, cos you can't be dangling from left to right at the age of 28, you've got to be focussed and set your priorities right, I sensed a lot of confusion in your story. #enoughsaid

  2. eyaa, i can understand how u feel, at ur age bsc u hv marriage in ur mind, u see a prospective husband in every man dat is around u, u look at him and say to urself dis is d one, it happened to me but it doesn't work like dat, gather urself and be strong, he shldn't take away ur joy bsc ur joy comes frm the Lord, just relax ur mind, when ur own man comes around, u don't need any long story and it's coming ur way in due time!Cheers.


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