Sunday, July 19, 2015

He can't stay a day without rearranging my kitchen!

Aunty Amara, please i need an advice on this,my hubby is extremely nice,caring and many more,he does not cheat and he don't hide anything from me,but he have this funny character that makes me happy at times and angry too,though it may sound funny to you,the problem is that he can't stay a day without coming to my kitchen,rearranging my kitchen utensil,i appreciate him for that but i don't like it because most of the times I will be looking for one thing and the other secondly whenever i want to give any of his sisters money,he will tell me to share it within the two sisters,note i don't hate any of them but i feel i should give one then give the other maybe a week after but he always insist i should give them same day,is it okay that way?
we are not in Nigeria.

Dear Sender, 
In all you do, do not only have a good conscience but also be mindful of the perception of those who are beneficial to your good intentions. 
If you give one person and postpone the other, there is every likelihood of one feeling unappreciated by your decision hence the reason why your husband may have suggested that you give both of them at the same time. 
I feel it's only fair you don't give an impression of liking one over the other. 
I do understand how difficult it can be trying to locate your spoon and your condiments after he must have helped in arranging the kitchen for your comfort. 
You have to be very careful how you thread on this so as not to evoke an attitude of ingratitude to him with your complaints. 
Start by commending his concerns and desire to help out. 
Celebrate him for making out time to help you in his own little way. 
Then suggest you arrange the kitchen with him so that you wouldn't find it difficult locating what you need when he's not around or when you are cooking. 
I feel that way you will create an avenue for bonding and sharing your heart with him. 
When you two are done arranging the kitchen, you may as well proceed to the bathroom for a better refreshment.  Oops sorry I meant sitting room. 
But my dear I feel you should be more happy than you are worried. He deserves to be commended and all you can do is to always assist him as he arranges the kitchen. 
Enjoy your marriage with love, understanding and wisdom so that only comes from God above. 

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  1. Dear poster, you're lucky you married a nice man. I do not see any problem here,him arranging your kitchen doesn't mean,you should be thankful to CHUKWU that he is caring. #Ella


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