Thursday, July 23, 2015

How do I handle my mum, aunt and husband?

Aunty God bless you and all yours ma. 
Please i need your advice ma. Am married to a different tribe and no child yet after six year. 
My husband's people are on my neck now . 
I have been praying and struggling to be at peace with all of them not minding their behavior. 
My problem now is that my mother's younger sister (Aunty) who is older than me and my husband (still single shaa) wanted to come and stay with me and my husband for some time. 
How long she will stay i do not know. 
Am afraid we may not be free with her since she is older than the two of us but my mother is insisting she comes. Aunty how do i handle this three people ; my mother, aunty and my husband ? 
I need your help ma.

Dear sender, 
One thing that you must not ignore nor fail to understand is that you are married to a man no matter how poor, or compassionate he may be. 
Please remember that there is a limit to what he can take as your husband. 
Your mother cannot be an authority in another man's home, it is inappropriate and insensitive anyone to think so. 
I know that your marriage is under pressure but for you to consider your aunty coming to stay with you, she must respect him as your husband and head of the home.
If you ask me, I just do not feel it's necessary for her to come but should she come to stay with you, please make sure that you discuss that with your husband and in your discussion should include the duration of visitation and the purpose of such visit. 
In fact the fewer the visitors you receive at this critical moment, the better for your marriage. 
Hold hands with your husband and continue to trust God for the fruits of the womb. 
Please visit your family doctor to examine your body and that of your husband so that you can rule out any medical hitches. 
Please do not entertain suggestions and opinions that may not be in the interest of your marriage. 
Work closely with your husband and continue to enjoy your conjugal duties with no worries or anxieties. 
God shall perfect the desires of your heart in Jesus name amen. 

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