Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Is it true that he loves me?

Good evening ma, I am miss Amara @ 23yrs. please  ma, i need your advice concerning my relationship. 
Am dating a guy that i loves so much since i came across to him, i welcomed him the way i welcomed my only brother. 
Am residing in Lagos state with my cousin sister and this sister of mine so much hate him, when i asked her "WHAT WAS YOUR REASON"? 
She only replied me that she hate him the very moment she set her eyes on him so no other reason. 
On his own case towards me i feels he doesn't love me but when i asked him, he always tell me that he loves me beyond my love for him. 
I met him last year ending and since then, he never gave me his one-naira but anytime i went to his house he made sure that i ate before going home but will never give me the money or to help me to make my hair and i don't like requesting anything from him as he doesn't want to do it personally on his own without me asking from him and he also told me that he used to send re-charge cards to other girls but has never done that to me except one day. 
I want to ask, is it true that he loves me? 
Can he later be doing those things that he doesn't use to do for me now? 
Or is it that he want to test me to see if I will leave him because he is not doing anything for me now? 
please help me in this issue

Dear sender, 
I feel that your sister may have dated him or someone else she knows of which made her to hate him. 
As for whether he loves you, I can't tell but from his attitude, I am afraid to say that he doesn't love you as much as he claimed to. 
You need not remind your partner to give, and even if he's not working, he would show concern and appreciate you for all your efforts and not give you food as though you've been starved for years. 
But whether he would change, it's up to time and him to tell how good or otherwise he may be later in life. 
As to whether this is a test to know how much you love him, my question to you is, how long are you willing to endure the test and what happens if at the end of the test, he ends up with another lady. 
What happens to the time and the resources you have invested taking his test and hoping that you will succeed. 
Sincerely you don't need such test for any reason dear. 
Take whatever you are seeing today as his attitude and make no excuses for him. 
It would help you to decide if he's really worth the stress. 
And don't forget to hand everything over to God. 
Our efforts will always be limited but when God has approved of a thing, we need not struggle to receive them. 
Equip yourself with skills that will make you independent and responsible for your needs. 
That way, no man will reduce you to a liability but an asset that they can't live without. 
All the best dear. 

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