Sunday, July 19, 2015

I can't trust him anymore!

Good morning Aunty Amara and Happy Sunday to every fan in the house. Aunty please I need your advice and that of your fans.
Am a serving corper and am in a relationship with a guy, we love each other and we have plans of settling down.
It happened towards the end of May when I came back from camping I decided to stay few days with him because I missed him so much.
A girl came to his house, I don't know if he invited her or she came on her own. I was like, baby who is she? All he said was,baby don't worry I will handle this.
I didn't say anything, the next thing, he asked me to wait in his neighbor's house. I didn't wanted to,but later left the house. He locked the room and they spent hours.
God knows what they were doing.
To cut the Long story short. Later that night, he begged and begged for forgiveness. I even called it quits, after much begging. I forgave him.
But my problem is that am still hurt and don't trust him again. Since we are kind of far from each other. Am thinking of ending the relationship because I Can't marry someone I don't trust.
Please Aunty what do you advice me to do?
Am going crazy

Dear sender, 
I am also worried not about how he managed to confuse and deceived two ladies that he's a trustworthy and faithful man but why you felt that there's a relationship between him talk more of settling down with him. 
He may have been pleading with the other lady that you were his ex or experimental lady while she was genuine. 
While I commend your good heart for forgiving him, he owe you some explanations of some sorts of who the lady was or is to him. 
Why he decided to place you in the neighbourhood while she occupied the main room. 
Maybe the answers may provoke you to love yourself well enough to realise what's best for you. 
Fact is that you cannot marry who you do not trust and feel secured with emotionally and when your relationship is filled with many fears, worries, and uncertainties, it may be time for you to re-evaluate the relationship and tell yourself the truth that no one else have an answer to. 

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