Sunday, July 19, 2015

My problem is he has six children!

Hello Aunt. Amara. I really appreciate your effort(s) in handling people's case.
Am a young girl and am thirty years old. I have been dating a widower on a neutral ground. Now he's asking me to marry him. I have started loving him but my problem is he has six children already who are still tender. I need your counsel and that of your fan please. 

Dear sender, 
Every partner has a need and a burden they have and they seek for who will love them well enough to offer assistance, support, encouragement and the companionship they need to stand out and succeed in their endeavours. 
He does have six children but that doesn't make him an invalid of love rather the real question is whether you have all it takes to support him and love him selflessly. 
Do you have the heart to love, tolerate and accommodate his children as yours without treating them as strangers to you?  
Will you be happy with him even if he decides not to have children anymore? 
Are you willing to stand by him and stand with him in all test and trials that may come his way to test your commitment and convictions in his personality and deep concern for his need in life and all his endeavours. 
Are you prepared emotionally, mentally and spiritually to love him unconditionally and to support him with your kind counsel, and prayers? 
The truth is that if you are not prepared to give your heart to him selflessly, you may struggle and feel choked when you get married to him. 
So sit down and count your cost before deciding on what's best for you to do and please be honest with yourself. 
You know what you desire and need. 
Do not compromise on your happiness because you want to be married. 
Marriage isn't the ultimate but being fulfilled with life and finding happiness in every decision you have made in life. 

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  1. Dear poster, dis post g8t K leg. If you got married to him then how many children will you have? Six children plus yours. You have to think about what you are trying to engage yourself into before going in. #Ella


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